My recent Halong Bay tour impressions.

As I’ve recently been in Vietnam and enjoyed my tour pretty much, I decided to share about my experience. I first visited the country around 2 years ago in Ho Chi Minh, but this time I thought I would the Halong Bay, which many people consider to be one of the coolest places in Vietnam. Both locals and foreign travelers do, by the way, because the place is really nice and it’s being kept so, guarded by UNESCO.

So shortly after booking, my trip was about to start. This time I was anxious to see Vietnam again, because I felt like I wasn’t done with my past visit. As it is quite natural with me, I’ve made some friends through FB who were willing to guide me. When I shared about my upcoming trip, they have offered an opportunity to meet, which we used.

Arriving late at night, I wasn’t used to sleeping, for I was working night shift. I’ve called one of my friends and we jammed into the bar, watching some live bands. It was Saturday so the whole city was lively and full of people on the streets. After the bar, we’ve done some quick snack – the good thing is even at night they have restaurants cooking for you. Then we want for some massage and smoke some weed.

Next day was my Halong Bay tour, and so we went home early. If you can call 5 AM early, of course, but if it was possible, I would gladly hang out until the late afternoon, maybe. An agent called to confirm if I was coming, and I of course I was anxious to come, so I said yes. Later on, they’ve sent a van to my place, and picked me up from my hotel.

After 3 hours we were finally on the yacht, starting to roam the Halong Bay. Time went quickly, as drunk on the board and listened to music. My friend said, we could actually slow the time again, if we just do some weed. I found his idea alluring, and so we weeded again. By that time it was already evening, and the stars were starting to shine.

My friend has got horny, because he was actually a gay, or to be more precise a transvestite. I didn’t mind the gays, and so we’ve spent some romantic evenings. An excellent experience to remember!